All of our acupuncturists are nationally licensed in acupuncture and board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)®. The board certification encompasses both acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Ariele Myers, M.S., Dipl. O.M (NCCAOM)®, L.Ac

Ariele Myers is a licensed acupuncturist in Colorado, New Jersey and New York and she is board certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbology. She received her bachelor’s degree from Tufts University where she was first introduced to Oriental Medicine. She received her master’s degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, one of the oldest and most respected acupuncture schools in the nation, in New York City.

Ariele practices various forms of yoga and incorporates her understanding of breath and movement into her acupuncture and wellness programs. She has also studied Upledger Cranio-Sacral therapy, nutrition and Zheng Gu Tui Na and uses these modalities to help guide her patients to a deeper understanding of their body, mind and spirit.

Ariele has two sons, Leo and Jonah, who are constant reminders about the nature of balance and joyfulness. Since starting her own family, Ariele has been committed to helping other parents make healthy choices for their own families. Ariele encourages you to actively participate in your healing process, empowering her patients to achieve and maintain physical, mental and spiritual health.

Tanvi Dodia, M.S., Dipl. O.M (NCCAOM)®, L.Ac

Tanvi Dodia is a New Jersey licensed acupuncturist, board certified herbalist, acu-massage therapist, and Reiki energy healer. She received her master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California and her bachelor’s degree in Biology from University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

Tanvi believes that touch is the oldest form of healing. With each of her patients, she focuses on balancing the whole body on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. She works closely with her patients to uncover the root cause of their health concerns, to empower them with information, and to transform the body to a harmony of yin and yang.

In her free time, Tanvi loves growing Goji berries, hiking in Joshua Tree National Park, listening to live dancehall and indie rock music, writing the first 15 minutes of screenplays, and cooking soups and curries.

Connie Glaser, M.S,. Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)®, L.Ac

Connie is a licensed acupuncturist in New Jersey, New York and Germany and is board certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbology. She received her master’s degree in acupuncture from The Swedish Institute and attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for her Chinese herbal studies. Connie graduated from University of Karlsruhe in Germany and INPG in France with a MS in Industrial Engineering and Management and worked for many years for a major international corporation in internal consulting and as a plant manager.

She had her first experience with Chinese Medicine when she developed a digestive disorder while working in Singapore, and found relief with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. When she moved to New York in 2006, she decided to abandon her first career and to follow her heart, entering the field of complementary and alternative medicine.

She feels thankful that her work life today allows her to help patients stay healthy and regain their health. Her own experience of being a part of the modern corporate word helps her understand the multidimensional expectations and its effects on our health. She loves to explore the world with her husband and two little girls, practice yoga, cooking healthy and tasty meals for her family and friends and going hiking in the mountains.