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Ariele’s Apothecary was opened by Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Ariele Myers. We are the home to many skilled and dedicated acupuncturists, all with the shared goal of providing the most well-rounded and comprehensive support possible. While our focus is on acupuncture treatment for women’s fertility, we treat a wide range of conditions including pain, digestive issues, anxiety & depression.
  • “In February 2015 I was shocked to find out after a routine gyn appointment that my doctor had some concerns about my FSH levels. Until that point, my husband and I were planning to try for our second that coming summer and had no reason to really question whether or not it would be happening. Our first pregnancy was a breeze, 3 months of “trying” and a normal full term pregnancy produced our beautiful son. “

    Beautiful Son
  • “Amazing place. They are so helpful, and their products work. I have had trouble sleeping for the past 2 years, and was prescribed sleeping medication. I didn’t like taking medication, so I started drinking their Sleepy-Time tea, and now I do not take my medication anymore. I sleep on my own, and it is the most relaxing and peaceful sleep. Highly recommend!”

    Highly recommend!
  • “Ariele’s Apothecary is special in many ways. The care received is of the highest caliber; the staff is warm and welcoming; and the ambiance is beautiful, healing, and spiritually enlightening. All who enter feel restored. “

    Ariele’s Apothecary is special in many ways
  • “Went when I was trying to get pregnant for fertility issues, and I kid you not, I got pregnant *just* after I went after 5 months or so of trying. Even if you aren’t sure if acupuncture is for you, the atmosphere here is amazing and it’s a very relaxing experience. I would have went a lot more, but they didn’t accept my insurance. “

    Fertility Issues
  • “This place is beautiful and calming from the moment you step in, which is a wonderful way to start treatment or peruse the wonderful holistic products. I went to Ariele for acupuncture for fertility. I found her to be warm, thorough and very easy to talk honestly to so she could provide great treatment. I’ve been back for the aromatherapy products and other holistic supplements. I love the packaging and fun names. They even handle the insurance claims! Highly recommend. “

    Acupuncture for Fertility
  • “Love these products! So far I’ve used the tension tamer roller ball, sleepy time spray and lady bits sitz (along with other essential oils). I mostly used them for pregnancy, labor and recovery. (My husband likes the tension tamer also!) All great stuff!”

    Love these products!
  • “I had a Dermapen treatment done here yesterday, and it was such a relaxing experience! From the Serenity tea to the refreshing mineral-infused mask – couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful way to spend my afternoon. Can’t wait to see the results of the treatment. Would recommend this place to anyone!”

    Dermapen Treatment

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